Pigskin All-Star Invitational

The 2020 Pigskin All-Star Invitational will help give professional exposure to some of the best college senior football players from U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities.

The participants in this event will be selected and invited by our scouting staff with the overall ratings and grades of each player in mind.

Players will participate in 2 pro-style practice sessions and an All-Star game while being evaluated by professional football league scouts. Scouts, coaches and executives from the NFL, CFL and XFL have been invited to attend the 2020 Pigskin All-Star Invitational. Our all-star event will also include an official measurement day that will focus on all of the pertinent individual vitals that professional scouts will want to see.

Players will participate in seminars that will be geared towards providing information that will be useful as they transition into the pursuit of a professional career. The 2020 Pigskin All-Star Invitational will also set times for players to be interviewed and introduced to professional scouts in a personal setting.

The 2020 Pigskin All-Star Invitational has also implemented an innovative filming system that will allow each player to have video access to every repetition he takes while attending our event.

January is the most important time of each year for collegiate senior football players as they begin the process of making a final impression on professional scouts. The 2020 Pigskin All-Star Invitational is committed to providing a high-quality professional football experience that will help each player maximize his exposure to professional football decision makers. 

The 2020 Pigskin All-Star Invitational will also have a 1-Day event for college seniors who are from the Mobile/Gulf Coast area. The best players from this event will be added into our main event.